ATSwins has been in the business for almost 3 decades, we were established in 1992 as the world’s first real sports information firm. Our product sells itself and we are renown for not having the over pressurized sales tactics that other firms may employ. Because we want bettors to understand the power of information, our information, and how it translates into winning selections, we present you with ATSFreePicks.com.


We want bettors to understand the power of information and how it translates into winning selections


Keep in mind that while we do like the picks on this website, they are not the same picks that make it into our 65.9% lifetime success rate premium packages. We wouldn’t risk more then $100 a game on these picks and suggest you do the same. If you’re risking more, you should visit ATSwins and find out about our affordable package pricing.

Our great customer service and emphasis on money management are reasons why you will find that ATSwins is the company you want to work with. Our winning information is why you continue to come back, like over 90% of our clients, year after year and season and after season.